Being a standup comic is hard- especially when you run into ONE tough ROOM! These folks wouldn't know comedy if it hit them in the face. Combine your excellent choice of props, body language, and classic joke premises with perfect comedic timing to land big laughs and rack up a high score.

Completed for the Ludum Dare "One Room" Jam!

The idea is to chain elements (prop, body language, premise) to create a joke the unpredictable diverse audience will enjoy-- the timing element creates a multiplier on the score-- good timing on good joke elements means a higher score, bad timing on poor joke elements means a bigger score deduction.

This is in rough form-- we had big time constraints on implementing the vision. Was going to include the possibility of bombing out from negative scores and more other features.

Install instructions

Download and unzip for Windows and Mac. Keys for control are in the screen cap and in game.


Download 17 MB
Download 15 MB